littleShortly after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, the Roman Catholic Church revised the Roman Calendar. Saints were added, and others deleted from the calendar. While the deleted saints remain saints, their respective days were replaced with other saints. This is the case of St. Lazarus the poor man as described in the Gospel of Luke.

Four Cuban devotees of St Lazarus including the famous Joaquin Gonzalez of TGI (Tire Group Intl) and Chuchi Suarez, Technical Director of Channel 23 (Univisión), were among the four. These devotees undertook the arduous task of preventing devotion to St. Lazarus from disappearing from the hearts and souls of his followers. This devotion dates back to thirty years after the death of Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke 16: 19-31.

We started in December, 1974 in the City of Hialeah, Florida in a small rented office space. This was in keeping with the tradition of the Sanctuary of St Lazarus in the town of Rincón in Havana Cuba. Thanks to you, and of which you should be very proud, the Rincón de San Lazaro has its own building, mortgage free. It is a testament to your true devotion to St. Lazarus.img1

We are no longer just four devotees with a vision. We are now a multitude of devotees. We have purchased land at the corner of 168 Avenue and 44 Street in southwest Miami-Dade. The land is totally paid for. The next step is to build a replica of the Rincón de San Lazaro in Cuba., on the property.

Our Priest invites you to visit this church in our corner of Hialeah.