Information: To all our parishioners we inform you that our church will remain open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but all services of masses and baptisms will be canceled until further notice, we are taking all measures to avoid crowding within church.
We invite you to hold us together in prayer wherever we are, and with all faith let us ask our heavenly father and our patron Saint Lazarus to protect us and free us from this epidemic.
Thank you for your cooperation. Rev: Orlando Molina

Rincón de San Lázaro

Apostolic Catholic Church

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My dear brothers, from the Rincon de “San Lázaro” community, it is unfortunate what is happening with the Coronavirus, this type of pandemic that is hitting the lives of many people, but remember something important, Christ is our only hope, in the which guarantees that we will be safe, there is no other way by which we will be able to be safe, if not through Christ in our hearts. We suggest that you follow the directions taken by the government epidemiological authorities and that our SW and Hialeah parishes will remain open and we are in prayer.
Let us put ourselves in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, because He is the only one who we have Peace and Tranquility, and He still gives us the strength to intercede for those people who are currently going through this difficult situation in some countries. The Bible (Word of God) warns of these events, but it is important to take us by the hand of Christ, his security and salvation are guaranteed. Secure your life in Christ today. Let us have peace and trust in God, since He (Psalms 91:10. No evil will come upon you, Nor will a plague touch your dwelling.) He will deliver us from all pestilence or disease, and no plague will touch your dwelling.

Almighty God, do not despise your people who cry out to You in their affliction, but for the glory of your name deign to help those who are seriously troubled. Show us, O Lord, your inexpressible mercy, erase our transgressions and free us with grace from the condemnation they deserve.
We beg you, through the glorious intersection of the Blessed “Saint Lazarus” to enjoy lasting health of body and mind, deliver us from present sorrows and give us eternal joy.
Hear us, Lord, in our tribulations, and drive the righteous from your wrath.
God, our refuge, strength and source of all goodness, listen to the holy prayers of your church and grant that we obtain all that we ask of you in the Faith. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

About us

The Rincon de San Lazaro is a place of worship, evangelization, reconciliation and pilgrimage and is one of the most visited religious centers in South Florida.

San Lazaro is loved and revered for all the miracles granted to his faithful mainly in the problems of illness where we frequently hear his testimonies.

We are a church united in spirit with the universal Christian tradition and we are also a Lazarist religious organization. We profess faith in Jesus Christ and celebrate the sacraments.

We do not judge, everyone is welcome in this place where faith, hope and love abound.

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