About us

Since 1974


Believing in the Word and in the Spirit of God

In the early 1970s, a group of Cubans who had left Cuba to the United States in search of freedom felt the need to continue professing their devotion to San Lazaro in their traditional image left behind on the Island in the church of the town of El Rincon in the province of Havana. They had the vision of building a sanctuary where they could go to venerate the saint and if it was how they started in a small rented office in Hialeah (1190 E 4Ave). Over the years, the effort and dedication of all his faithful devotees this little seed grew to what is today our dear Rincon de San Lazaro Church. Our rising parishioner is the reason for the expansion work in southwest Miami Dade County (17390 SW 200 ST) that will be the legacy of thousands of Lazarists.

The Rincon de San Lazaro is a place of worship, evangelization, reconciliation and pilgrimage and is one of the most visited religious centers in South Florida. San Lazaro is loved and revered for all the miracles granted to his faithful mainly in the problems of illness where we frequently hear his testimonies.
We are a church united in spirit with the universal Christian tradition and we are also a Lazarist religious organization. We profess faith in Jesus Christ and celebrate the sacraments. We do not judge, everyone is welcome in this place where faith, hope and love abound.

San Lazaro rezo