Mass of the Virgin of Urkupiña


Mass of the Virgin of Urkupiña (Patron of the National Integration of Bolivia): They say that its legend begins in the year 1700 when the Virgin of Urkupiña appeared to a young shepherdess each time she took care of her flock of sheep in the low hills from the Bolivian region of Cota. It is said that the shepherdess spent all her days on the hill, neglecting her chores, talking with the “lady” so her family worried and decided to go to investigate what happened, it was there that the story tells that they saw how the virgin descended from the heavens and the young shepherd shouted in Quechua “Jaqaypiña urqupiña, urqupiña”, that is, “it is already on the hill”, that is how the name of this venerated Virgin was born and the Quillacollo chapel was built there.

The Virgin of Urkupiña is the Patroness of the National Integration of Bolivia and at the present time her image is in the Quillacollo matrix temple.

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